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Intelligence for the Legal professional

Frequently Asked Questions


We form working relationships with our clients and encourage free flowing ideas and communication.  We respond quickly to emails and will answer any questions you have as soon as possible.


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F . A . Q .

Why use Rush Intel vs. my Paralegal/legal researcher/ office staff?

First of all, we in no way want to undermine the hard work and skill sets of the paralegals in the community.  We work with a lot of them directly, and have learned a lot from them over the years.  That being said, we don't do court filing, photocopying, or research on case law.  We have developed our company to be centered around intelligence.  We have built, discovered, and acquired assess to many tools and methods, used by the CIA, FBI, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, and others.  We track down difficult to locate information everyday.  Because of our experience and tools, we can locate the information you need, with more accuracy, speed, and accountability than those who have not been trained in this discipline. We end up saving our clients money, by freeing up their staff to do the things they do best, and providing you with results quickly.

What types of resources do you use?

We literally have hundreds of resources for information that we have developed or gained access to over the years.  We know which are best for what you need.

Do I have to pay ahead of time?

Our regular clients get the freedom of having 30 days to pay an invoice.

Can you guys track down (insert type of information here)?

We have tracked down many various types of information for our clients.  We have no problem with the challenge of finding something new.  Send us an email and we will discuss it with you. 

Are you just selling me database results?

We do have access to several professional databases, however, we are not simply selling you a report.  We cross check and pull information from many sources for our report packages.  Our analysts scrutinize all info to be as accurate as possible.

Can I get a video of service of process?

Yes.  We can video a service per your request.  (please know this is not possible in all circumstances)

What is skip tracing?

A skip trace is a method of locating an individual by examining the data that they leave behind.  All manor of records can be examined and used.  Mailing addresses, utilities, phones, social media, and many more searches are conducted to learn about individuals habits.  When people go off the radar on or the run they usually will attempt to change identities, but habits stay the same.  This is how most elusive people are caught.

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