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Services List

Private Investigation, Process serving and problem solving for legal professionals.

This is a list of our most popular services.  If you're looking for something not listed here, please send us an email or give us a call.  We are known to most of our clients as a problem solver and will go above and beyond to find a solution for you.

* Note that prices can change based on the location, complexity of the target or information required by the client.           (626) 385-8662

Reflex camera


$699 *

Asset Search

This report looks for assets such as real estate, boats, bank accounts, and others, and liabilities such as liens, judgment, and bankruptcies.

$109.00 /hr


Manned Surveillance can be used to find evidence for many different types of cases.  We use the latest equipment and tactics to get the results needed.


Witness Interviews

We can interview a witness for your case by phone and record and transcribe the call for evidence.  Simply provide questions for the witness and a phone number.

$259 *

Locate/Skip Trace

This service will locate a defendant or witness for service.  Our clients rely on us to track down individuals for service, multiple times per day.  We locate all over the united states.

$399 * Flat Rate

Background Investigation

Our flagship report identifies many areas of an individual or company that would be needed for litigation.  This includes corporate ownership, criminal and civil background, liens, judgments, Bankruptcies, social media and more.

Moving People



Routine Service

This accounts for most services, the first attempt will be in the first 5 days.  Price includes 3 attempts at one address. (Price may vary with remote areas)

Add $100

Rush Service

We will make the first attempt on a priority basis

$99 /hr *


For difficult servees, we can sit at the location and wait for them to leave or arrive at a residence or workplace.  Price is per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours for this service.



Temporary Restraining Order

We can serve TRO paperwork and provide you with the proper proof of service to give you legal protection.

$59.95 Flat Rate

Serve CT Corporation/ Legalzoom

We can serve CT Corporation, a registered agent for many companies for a flat rate in Glendale, CA.  Additional fees for notary or rush service.

Person Analyzing Data

Other Services

$499 /day + .50 ct/mile

Unmanned Survellance

Using a company vehicle and our proprietary camera system we can set up very covert surveillance at most locations for 2 day segments.  Great for tough subjects to learn schedule and habits. (additional time may be needed for video analysis)


Judgment Enforcement

We can assist law firms and individuals to collect on judgments won but that remain unpaid.  Each case is unique and requires a custom approach.

$109 /hr

Crime Scene Photography

We can travel to and document scenes of accidents and other locations for use as evidence in your case, using quality photography and tools to accurately show scale for reference.

$109 /hr

Open Source Intel

Using cutting edge digital tools, we can turn small bits of information in actionable intelligence.  Our clients rely on our ability to problem solve clues to find the information they need to make a case.



For States that require notary for proof of service documents.


Privacy Consulting

We can assist privacy minded individuals in providing an online footprint and consultation on how to minimize its effects.

Typing on a Computer

I've used Rush Intel several times over the last few years and they have always been very responsive and dependable. They've provided very useful work product in a quick and efficient manner. I will continue to use them for all my investigatory needs.

Jim P. Esq

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