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A highly skilled group of licensed, insured and bonded private investigators specializing in the marriage between cyber and private investigation. Our firm is tailored for the legal professional as well as the general public to solve your personal, business and litigation challenges.


Jim P Esq.

I've used Rush Intel several times over the last few years and they have always been very responsive and dependable. They've provided very useful work product in a quick and efficient manner. I will continue to use them for all my investigatory needs.

Diana V

Rush Intel Services has been absolutely amazing . They helped me served my court papers to the defendant. In addition to hunting down the source. There team has communicated  exceptionally well. They worked very promptly and my case was closed much sooner then expected! Thank you Rush Intel!

James C Esq.

Rush Intel is dependable and effective. They really can do jobs in a rush. They charge reasonable rates and have been willing to work with me when there is a limited budget on a project. I am usually in touch with John Harris, who is polite and quick to respond.

Anecdote: the deadline to serve was coming up and we still could not locate the Defendant, even though our normal process server had been on the job for a month. I contacted Rush and within days they had communicated with the Defendant and served her shortly thereafter.

I plan to continue being a satisfied Rush Intel customer for years to come!

Daniel S Esq.

We use Rush Intel for all of our law firm investigation needs.  They do a great job!

Mark S

I needed to serve several hard to find people for a case. Rush intel was able to get the job done very quickly. Excellent customer service. I will definitely be using their services in the future.

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