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Through the use of our cutting edge technology we find real assets for the use of judgment enforcement as well as giving an insight into the net worth of an individual or corporation.  This information can also be used for the for the purpose of determining the wealth of a certain individual and/ or business entities.  With a clear picture of assets such as, but not limited to, real property, automotive, business ownership, aircraft, and watercraft and other such tangible assets a clear decision can be made as to the sue-ability of a certain person or business entities.  Furthermore, outside of finding real estate, watercraft, aircraft, business associations, we can also find financial pitfalls that may limit your ability to gain funds such as judgments, liens, and bankruptcies.  With these specialized reports on assets your litigation is inured the best possible outcome. This service is provided to assist attorneys and other business professionals in satisfying their due diligence in locating assets & liabilities. Please give us a call for further details. Order this Service!

Often people need to find assets for:
•    Personal Injury Cases
•    Motor Vehicle Cases
•    Business Due Dilligence Compliance
•    Collection of Debt Matters
•    Collecting Unpaid Child Support
•    Divorce Cases

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Bank Locates

In addition to our asset reports we also offer another service for bank levies which identifies financial institutions associated with a particular individual and/or business.  In addition to these reports we can also ascertain the amounts within them in the case that you need to satisfy a judgement.  These reports also give the exact location of the account throughout the entire United States.  This service can also be modified to find national brokerage accounts and can help once your writ has been filed so that it can be executed via a levy.  Please give us a call for further details. Order this Service!

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