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(626) 385-8662


Professional, Insured and Licensed CA Private Investigator


Surveillance can be used as evidence in a wide variety of cases and is important in verifying the facts and testimony of witnesses, the prosecution and  and defendants. We use the latest technology to supply clear, high-quality images and recordings for evidentiary purposes. Our investigators can locate, follow, and conduct surveillance on the toughest targets. Investigations using such evidence include; employment injuries, adultery, income verification, deadbeat fathers and mothers, fraud investigations, hit and run accidents, slip and fall accidents, elderly abuse, as well as many other types of cases in which video is needed to strengthen your case.
We invest in and build systems with the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve and give our clients an advantage in getting the best evidence that cutting edge tech can offer.


Our unmanned surveillance systems can be used in instances where a live operator is likely to be discovered or a lengthy surveillance is required to determine the subjects schedule before in person surveillance begins.  Our proprietary system can provide 24/7 coverage with little danger of detection.

We have competitive rates for this service, please contact us for more info.

dji drone.jpg

Drone surveillance is very new and be used for difficult areas and to get an overview of large areas or updated overhead views of accident sites for personal injury cases.

  • Get up to the minute aerial views

  • Surveillance of locations with difficult terrain

  • Search and rescue operations

  • Document property features or hazards

  • Provide first person viewpoints for court use

  • Contact us with any questions



Why Work with Rush Intel?

We do more than surveillance.  Our surveillance operators are supported by our Private Intelligence team.  Our team can locate residences, workplaces, hangouts, social media, contact info and other key pieces of information before we put boots on the ground.  This saves you time and money, making sure we are at the right place, at the right time.


Through our merger of cyber investigations, the use of the latest technology and old fashion Private Investigation work we are able to locate the hardest to find witnesses to any case. Not only do we find potential witnesses our professional case workers comprise a detailed report of all questions asked as well as a full recording of the recorded statement. Our databases grant us all contact information for witness statement. Our reports not only offer the full transcription of all witness statements, but also provide best telephone numbers as well as best addresses in the case an individual needs to be served with a subpoena. Please call us or email for a free consultation.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing could be truer than with crime scene photography or forensic photography. Forensic photography and be defined as “activity that records the initial appearance of the crime scene and physical evidence, in order to provide a permanent record for the courts. Crime scene photography differs from other variations of photography because crime scene photographers usually have a very specific purpose for capturing each image” ( Our detailed photographers show all angles of an accident or crime scene through the use of professional photography equipment. Our reports show full diagrams of the layout of each particular place that is photographed as well as all perspective of all parties involved. Please call us or email for a free consultation.


Infidelity or the suspicion of there of can greatly change the outcome of a family law case. In cases dealing with divorce, alimony and child custody the actions of one party can greatly change the outcome of a judgment. Our extensive experience in uncovering hidden assets, the moving of funds, infidelity, corporate ownership and other important issues surrounding a marriage can greatly benefit the outcome of any family law case. Please call us or email for a free consultation


Our firm has dealt with many cases involving the elderly. Often many of our older citizens are often taken advantage of, mistreated or abused. Our detailed reports provide the evidence necessary to hold those involved accountable. Our detailed reports combined with, recorded witness location and statements, property ownership, corporate ownership, and a record of other such incidences involving the for mentioned parties can lead to a much higher success rate when confronting such issues. Please call us or email for a free consultation.


As with forensic photography a picture is worth a thousand words, however with a video the impact can be far greater. With security videos many different formats are used to record such videos and without the proper technology and expertise such videos may never come to light. Our experience with converting such videos to useable evidence has literally changed the outcome of serious cases. Our reports not only decipher the video but clean up its quality as well as attempt to identify all parties involved. As videos can be a powerful piece of evidence, when they are combined with recorded witness statements, police report’s and background investigations your cases can be far more effective. Please call us or email for a free consultation.


Employment verification can be a useful tool in a lot of cases. Often dead-beat fathers and mothers may try to hide their income to avoid child support. Jobs also offer a valid location for service of process. Employment verification can also be important in determining assets for wage garnishment as well as verifying individual’s ability to work in workman comp cases. Please call us or email for a free consultation.


Our research team has had a lot of experience in determining assets and with real estate being an individual or companies’ largest asset it is important to know the total work of a particular piece of property. However, just knowing the value of a house and its ownership may not be enough. Knowing how much was put down, mortgages, refinances and appreciation may be an important factor in dealing with judgments, settlements or Alternative Dispute Resolutions. Please call us or email for a free consultation.


DMV searches can be a powerful tool when trying to understand the ownership of an automobile. Knowing the owner of a car, driving record, and current address can be essential when dealing with auto accidents or hit a runs. Our detailed reports can provide such information in legal cases involving attorneys or law firms. Such key information can determine not only these key pieces of information, they can also show assets to determine how much compensation may be in order. Please call us or email for a free consultation



Private Investigator Los Angeles Rates :

While most of our competitors do not publish rates, we like to be upfront with our pricing.  Our base package is the minimum charge for a surveillance investigation.   We charge a minimum of 4 hours for any investigation. This fee includes 25 miles of travel.  Any additional hours or travel are billed at the appropriate rate.  We will keep a detailed record and update you on cost as the investigation unfolds.  

Setup / Minimum charge : $400.00 (non-refundable once work begins, this is applied toward the total)
Hourly Rate:

$89 Surveillance (4 Hours Min)
$90 online investigations (4 Hours Min)
On call rate per day:

$500 (RIS will be on standby for surveillance)
Court testimony:

$100 per hour, min 4 hours per day per investigator (7 days notice required, fee required in advance)
Mileage fee/ per mile: 0.50

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