We can Serve paperwork for the following and more:



Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)


Small Claims


ADR Packets

Deposition Orders

What happens if court papers cannot be served?

In servicing our clients with location of defendants, we noticed a problem which kept occurring.  We collect information on targets without them knowing.  This is because we often get people which have been avoiding service.  We found that when we handed over this information to our clients, they would send it to the nearest process server, and that server would approach the service like any other routine job.  They would end up tipping off the defendant that they had been located and disappear all over again.  We knew that a different kind of approach was needed, and so we devised our own service. This is why our network of process servers in Southern California is used widely by both private individuals who wish to get the necessary parties served as well as some of California’s largest and most prestigious law firms who not only need to get the job done right but must have all necessary proofs of service filed as well.

We know how to find a defendants address:
We have personally served thousands of individuals, companies and other forms of business entities with everything from subpoena’s, depositions, divorce and child custody paperwork, restraining orders and many other forms of legal documents.  As a result of our work we have some of the highest return rates of customers in the Southern California area.  Our prices are very competitive and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.  We encourage you to check out our reviews.


Standard Service

$75 (Los Angeles County)

First Attempt within 5 days

Rush Service

$125 (Los Angeles County)

First Attempt within 2 Days

24 Hour Service

$175 (Los Angeles County)

(Must be received by 1pm)

Additional Services

Restraining Orders (TRO)


Locate and Serve


Stakeout Time per hour


Notarized Proof


Witness Fees

10% of total fees

We accept all major credit cards and ACH payments

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