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A lot of our work experience among our Judgment Enforcement agents have come from debt collection in all areas of debt recovery.  We have collected on many judgments, unsecured debt, credit cards, medical, auto loans, home loans and judgments.  As a result of our years of experience we have earned out clients many thousands of dollars that would be otherwise unable to get.  Through our proven methods we get you paid.  

We have experience with serving and executing writs of execution, levy’s, till taps and various other debt collection practices.  Our fees vary based upon the judgment, but we encourage you to give us a call. We can either help you get the information for you to collect or we can take the reigns and get you the money ourselves.
About 2/3 of judgments in California are never paid.  With the first third being paid voluntarily.  Most judgement have a 10 percent interest rate that starts from the day that the judgement was issued. The debtor can negotiate a payment plan with the owner of the judgment.  Everything is negotiable.  Because the court ordered judgment collection effort can take a long time, has additional costs, and delays when money is received, ‘voluntary’ payments are preferred.
There are several approaches that we use to collect on your judgement using the court system, as well as the sheriff’s department to try to collect on your judgment.  Each one takes time and involves expenses. We will review each one with you.
A bank levy or garnishment can be issued once a writ of execution is filed.  You need to know where the bank account is and this is where our team of intelligence specialist come in play.  We can find employment and bank account locations along with the contents of the accounts to see if they will satisfy the judgment.   The levy must be delivered by a court appointed organization, which typically is the local sheriff or marshal.  Unfortunately, this can mean long delays from the time the court issues the levy to the time it is delivered.  You are entitled to any available funds on the day the levy is served.  It does not automatically get applied on subsequent days.  So, if you are fortunate and there is a lot of money in the account when it is served, then we will get a big payout.  But, if on that particular day there are minimal funds, we have to start the process all over again, which can take 3 or more months.  Also, if there is a lien on funds in the account by the bank or by the federal or state authority that has a tax lien, then the bank will not seize the funds for our bank levy. Please give us a call so we can discuss your options.

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In many cases we can accept cases for Judgment Enforcement with no money upfront.  We will collect a percentage of your judgment for our services.  We do not accept every case submitted.  If you are interested in having us enforce your judgment, please send us a copy with your contact information, and we will get back to you as to whether we believe we can effectively collect what is owed to you.

Please send all requests to :

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