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How is Rush Intel Different?

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There are many players in the industry of legal support. An army of process servers, photocopiers, skip tracers, private investigators, and others help legal professionals get the job done. In such a crowded arena, whats makes Rush Intel Stand out?

Our company is centered around the idea that our information should be useful, not just fill up the pages of a report. Because we work with the legal industry primarily, we understand what's important to them. Also, we don't believe in single sources of data. We spend countless hours simply expanding our reach of information. This is how we have made our reputation of finding things that other legal support firms cannot.

Many skip trace firms may use 1 or 2 professional databases to locate individuals. We have been known to use up to 50 sources to get the job done. These can be things like databases, social media, company data, job sites, metadata, documents, dating sites, and others. We use purpose built Virtual machines and advanced software to collect the information you need. Our analysts train on methods used for counter terrorism and human trafficking to go above and beyond what is needed. This demonstrates our dominance in the field of Open Source Intelligence, and is why we have been successful in collecting data even after 10 other firms were hired for the same job.

We can collect social media evidence from the most careful targets. We are constantly updating our methods as social media companies make changes in policies affecting the information available. We can collect the metadata which complies with federal rules of evidence, and have tied profiles to users who never use their real name or information.

Our process servers go above and beyond to get the target served. We will not settle for an affidavit of non service. We specialize in difficult serves, and have served defendants who have been avoiding service for years.

And of course of customer service is top notch. We are available for questions and advice at all hours. A knowledgeable representative will answer you phone call or email immediately. We make communication a priority. You will never have to chase out down for a status report or follow up. 95% of our clients are repeat customers for a reason.

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