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How to Protect Your Privacy Online

These days, our entire existence can be accessible online. Job History, Social Media, Resumes, Addresses, Phone Numbers, and probably many things you didn't know were out there and available to the general public. There are also many ways to extract information about you, using devices ranging from your smartphone, your profiles, your pictures, even your refrigerator and your television in your home.

Being safe while your online uses a lot of common sense, but also some technical background into how these various things share information.

Have you googled yourself lately? If not you may be surprised as to what results are returned about you. Try googling your name, then try searching with various additional bits of info like the city you live in, or the name of your business or job.

Our business revolves around knowing the ins and out of the information world and where to find the specifics we are looking for. For instance, a google search of a phone number may give me many random search results which are too vague to be helpful, but a search on may give me this owners name. Using the phone number area code as a location and the persons name, I can now do a much more specific search, turning up new information. Simply repeat the search using different combinations of found results, and the amount of info that can be obtained is sometimes frightening.

Another example involves pictures you may share socially. Often people post pictures of themselves in various locations without thinking about the information in the background. Its easy to give away the location of your employer, home, or places you visit frequently without even realizing it. Also, sharing pictures with others directly can be dangerous, as its is not difficult to extract the GPS data from the file. Most Social media platforms scrub this info before posting for your privacy.

Consider, using a separate email and a google phone number for your online accounts, this provides a layer of security between you and the people you may be wanting to use your information against you.

Think about the information that your provide to any online service, form, questionnaire, or retailer. You never know where this information may end up.

As always, if you have Questions, we are happy to address them, or if you need some information in regards to a particular target, shoot us an email and we will get back to you right away.

Stay safe out there.

Rush Intel Services

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