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Why it pays to do your homework.

Our clients count on us to provide professional process serving on a daily basis. There are many challenges in process serving, many of which a person would probably never consider unless they attempted it. People may not be home, not answer the door, not answer the phone, have ring doorbells, and a host of other problems that prevent service.We often get new customers who have used other process serving firms and not had much luck. These are most often residential addresses. We always ask if we can have a copy of the affidavit. Often we see multiple attempts (sometimes 10 or more) at the home address. We also see clients who have hired 2,3, or 4 different process servers to do the same serve. Each of them makes several attempts on the home address. At rates somewhere between 55 and 80 dollars on average, this can get expensive. (3x80=240!)When we see this, the first thing we do is ask why are we serving this address. Often times, people are not even sure if the defendant lives there. Because of this common occurrence, we created a package in which we locate the best address for service and then effect service. We might see that the defendant moved, works all the time, or died(it happens). If they are working somewhere, we will simply serve them at work. If they moved, we will go to the new address. We priced this package at $150, which we believe is a good value for our clients, and saves the frustration of serving the wrong address. Does your firm run into this problem often? Our clients love the fact that they can simply supply what they have and we ensure results. Let us know if we can help you with process serving, call us today! 626-385-8662

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