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Litigation can be tricky when dealing with wealthy individuals who have great accountants who know how to hide their money and assets, but this can become even trickier when you have a large corporation that has an army of accountants and a large law firm at their disposal. Hiding assets has become the new American Way. Shell companies, offshore holdings, DBA’s listed to LLCs owned by Nevada corps with shelved companies are some of the ways companies hide their assets from both taxes and litigation. Even well-known companies that are listed on the major indices still have many ways in which they protect themselves from litigation. With this all being said all is not lost to the attorney who wishes to take them on. In this new digital age of information, many things can now be found through some tough investigation work. Simply visiting your Secretary of State web page may get you a name, but often many businesses will have similar names in which they transfer money between one another often protecting the source.  To give an example we worked a case in which a person had been severely beaten by a security guard at a restaurant. This restaurant had locations in many different cities in the greater Los Angeles area. The original lawyer thought it would be easy to just list the business that had employed the security guard in their suit, however they were sorely mistaken. This business had listed each restaurant in a different cooperation; furthermore, they also created different LLCs that had formed different DBAs to pay their security guards. Thirdly, the security company that hired this individual did not properly vet their employees as the security guard in question had multiple criminal convictions. The state of California does not issue Guard Cards to individuals with Criminal Convictions which clearly showed us that this company had been negligent in checking the background of their employees, but without listing all these entities in the lawsuit getting any type of compensation was next to impossible. Even if you listed the security company and the shell DBAs as defendants there was little chance of getting any money. This is where were our reports are so important. We tore apart every owner, insurance policy, policy limits, prior judgments, liens, UCC filings and cooperate structure of the restaurant in question. Furthermore, our investigative work found the full criminal background of the security guard who had assaulted the plaintiff. Our reports also show not only the corporate structure but all owners, registered agents, prior litigation and subsidiaries as well as their addresses for service of process. Click this link to see a PDF report which illustrates the points in this post. Click Here

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