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If at first you don't succeed...

Try try again. Right?


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Lets apply this toward people avoiding service of process.

Obviously if you wish for your case to move forward, you must continue to try again to serve a defendant or witness. However, don't get stuck in the cycle of simply handing the service to a different process server and let them take a swing at it. The problem is with the same plan, you will most likely get the same result. A non service declaration in your inbox.

Once a person has decided they wish to avoid being served, they are not going to answer the door when a stranger is knocking! We find a lot of people that have multiple lawsuits against them have ring video doorbells! They are paranoid!

Sending another process server simply lets them know that you are still trying, and they will continue to keep out of sight.

It amazing to see the paper trail of some of these cases in which 10 or more companies have been hired to serve an individual, and each report is near identical!

We have been known to serve difficult individuals here at Rush Intel and have developed a special package for it, named the "Evader Package."

It works and here is why:

First, we DON'T simply go back to the same address and try to serve them there. We start by doing a locate report on the subject. We look at where they might be working, social media, family members, where they may hang out on a regular basis, and so on.

We put together a plan for the best chance to serve them at a new location on the first try. Our package also includes an hour of stakeout time, which is often needed.

By "Starting over" the person being served is caught off guard, simply by breaking the cycle of predictable service attempts they have learned to be wary of.

We have applied this method successfully to defendants who have been avoiding service for YEARS!

If you have one of these services in the Los Angeles area, send us an email, and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

(626) 385-8662

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