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The element of surprise - a lower risk solution

Here are Rush Intel, one of the most common services we offer is locating people or information that is not readily available. This could be because the information available is out of date, or it could be purposely hidden or missing.

Information that is out of date is relatively common. There are many people that move without updating their drivers license information. People who move alot may have moved several times with out changing their address with the DMV. While this could be labeled as intentional, most people just don't like the process of dealing with the DMV.

The class of people that fit in the "intentionally missing" category usually will have one or more reasons to keep their personal information from you. Experience has taught us that if someone is going through the trouble of not being found, they probably have more than one reason for doing so. These people can easily be spooked, causing them to go deeper underground, and making it harder to locate them for court or for further information.

During our investigations, one of our primary concerns is making sure that people don't know they are being investigated. Once people, or organizations realize they are being watched, their habits change. Depending on their level of paranoia, they may quit their job, change phone numbers, delete their social media, move, or simply change their habits to mask any activity you were trying to capture.

For instance, an important witness to your case may choose to avoid testimony for several reasons. Serving them with a subpoena will force them to appear, but choose wisely when attempting to make contact. If this witness was difficult to locate in the beginning, they will be much harder the second time if they decide to run from you.

We always attempt to hand potential witness locates to our clients in a "clean" format, meaning they are unaware they have been targeted and located for service. We do this to give you the best chance of bringing them in for testimony.

If your having trouble serving a subpoena, shoot us an email and we will help devise a strategy for you. Remember, the element of surprise always presents you with a greater chance of a successful outcome.

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

Sun Tzu

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