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Evading Service of Process?

We've all heard the stories of process servers dressing up in costume to serve people evading service. The truth is that most of the time service can be pretty straightforward. Sometimes however, you encounter a special individual that will vanish from the face of the earth, and you really need to get him served.

We refer to these people as ghosts. Address on file at the DMV? Nope that's from 8 years ago, probably moved 3 times since then. You could try Credit headers, the work number, social media, spokeo, google searches and more, but the truth is that most of this information is outdated, or never updated. Sites online that boast the idea of giving you anyone's personal information are getting their info from the same outdated sources that you've already checked. To really find someone, you need to crunch the data.

It important to look at the details in many sets of data. What is the last good address that you have for them? How long ago was that? Sometimes when people are struggling financially they move in with family members. Since they don't have utilities at the family address they can seem to fall off the map sometimes.

Another important aspect is took look at who has lived with them in the past. I remember one case looking for a ghost who only had 1 address ever used in his record. And he didn't live there anymore. However a closer look at that address revealed that 3 other people lived in the same apartment at the same time. After looking at these people we found that they all had moved across town together to a new apartment, and guess who was living there with them(off the lease)? Thats right, our ghost.

People live with certain patterns and tend to repeat the same mistakes. The more you can learn about an individual, the more clues can be available to locate them.

We specialize in locating hard to find people. If you need to find someone for process of service, shoot us an email and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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