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Time to Collect on your judgment.

As we get to know our clients, we find that many of the law firms we work with have judgments against several defendants that have been placed on "the back burner."

These are judgments which the defendant has not paid and there may be one or more roadblocks that have popped up and have prevented the collection of the funds owed. This not only hurts the client, as they are not receiving funds to which they are entitled for injuries or other problems, but for law firms that work on commission, this also means you are not getting paid.

The truth is that only about 30% of judgments get paid on average.

Why is this? Because people don't have assets to pay the judgment, are hiding the assets, or simply refuse the court order. A judgment gives you the power to collect your money, but only when coupled with other tools and information. The court will not help you find your money! We have helped our clients collect the money they have been owed as far back as 10 years prior.

We do this by understanding the process of judgment enforcement and collecting information that will be used by the power of the court to collect the money owed. We look at the following areas:

Real estate titles

Aircraft and watercraft ownership


Bank Accounts


Business Ownership

Prior Judgments, Liens, and Bankruptcies

Passive Income

and more

Once we conduct an asset search, we put together a report with several options (in most cases) on how the judgment could be enforced. We can also supply you with the correct forms to take action on the information we provide.

In these uncertain times, we would like to help you convert your judgments on the back burner into cash you can use to move forward and keep your clients happy. Our offices are open and our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your call or email. What judgments do you have collecting dust in your office?


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