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Harassment and Discrimination

When taking on harassment or a discrimination employment case certain steps should be taken before drafting your suit.

The first important aspect to consider is the person doing the harassment or discrimination.

Does this person have a history of discrimination?

Does this person have a criminal history possibly

showing other instances of illegal behavior?

Our harassment and discrimination background reports cover a full background check of the person involved in the harassment.

To give an example; if your client is stating that she was the victim of sexual harassment involving a manager at her work, we would find the best address for service of process of the accused.  We would then find all assets, liens, bankruptcies and criminal records for this individual.  This would show a possible

pattern of sexual harassment that has been occurring over time.

Also, we would then look at all counties that this individual has lived in and pull all court records for mentions of this individual to show other instances of criminal behavior which

would help strengthen your case.

At this point, the offender is not the only person you may want to list in the case.  The business itself is just as important as the offender.

We find all cases involving the business and look for patterns of similar instances involving harassment and/or discrimination.

This pattern can also booster the strength of your case by showing a history of similar instances.  Our harassment and

discrimination background reports not only find this information they provide; the best address for service of process of all owners and registered agents, all assets that the business and/owners may have, all contact information for all owners and

registered agents, liens, bankruptcies, as well as many other key pieces of information that will strengthen your case.

In addition to this report, we also do a skip trace of all Social Media sites to find other examples of such behavior to strengthen the claims made by your


Some further add on services we offer include process serving of all court documents to all relative parties as well as an insurance policy lookup.  The importance of looking up such policies can help clients collect as much as possible as our service can outline the limits of harassment and discrimination claims to get your client as much as possible.


Data Points included:

  • Address for service

  • Criminal Records

  • Assets 

  • Liens

  • Bankruptcies

  • Civil History

  • Business Info

Add ons:

  • Insurance policy trace

  • Process Serving

Our Flat rate packages are designed to help Attorneys, Paralegals, and other legal professionals to better understand all underlying facts in a case.  Knowing the details from the beginning saves our clients time and money, and greatly improves the ability to manage the case.

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